Laboratorio Experimental a Distancia / L o n g Distance Experimental Lab

The Lab originated as an extremely natural response to the times we are living. All the existing tools of communication have given the impetus for an intensified exchange of information, ideas, solutions, and new ways of expression that can be transmitted or diffused in a more efficient way. The XXI century has generated an ideal playground to make experiments in communication a very nourishing experience. Tools like WhatsApp, Dropbox, SKYPE, and Go to Meeting all the way to social networks like Instagram and Twitter have created a vortex in which rhythm and communication have accelerated. Four people from different disciplines, different countries, located in different cities, and with different backgrounds develop a project as a group. The possibilities are vast and the result is a collective memory that generates answers to and for the people of the world. Depending on the type of project and level of knowledge needed, each intervention counts with the collaboration of different professionals. LED has the potential to expand and become a community of architects, urban planners, artists, scientists, economists and more that would change in order to enrich the growth and richness of its proposals.
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