Between Walls (ENTREMUROS)

Project Year: 2017

The city founded in the lake, needs more than ever to address it's direct relationship with water in two main aspects:
the water available for it's inhabitants and the sinking of the actual territory.

A path BETWEEN WALLS transforms the experience of the user in public space, letting him see the entourage while he travels through a long informative kaleidoscope - with data in real scale - of today's serious problem of water supply that affects Mexico City today. The main purpose of the pavilion is to generate awareness in a spatial, sensorial and whimsical way, because to celebrate the City is to talk about the challenges to be solved in order to guarantee the future of it.

Two clear and simple gestures: two walls and the space between them generate shadows, new perspectives and different spaces that serve as a basis to insert important graphics or slides with information and data that try to generate a strong dynamic with the public.

Two walls, each constructed of cardboard tubes made of recycled material, contain in their own architecture the executive solution for assembly and the conceptual information of the project. Both walls are equivalent to the 17,163 gallons that a single inhabitant consumes in a year distributed in the 12,994 tubes with capacity of 5 liters of water each. The 2-3/4" that Mexico City sinks annually are represented in each line of tubes of 2-3/4" in diameter as well as other data on strategies to administer this resource so indispensable for urban life.

We propose a direct interaction between Architecture and City with a message of importance and emergency that we hope invites the population to the reflection and discussion about Water in a place of social interaction in public space.
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