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Laura Gonzalez Fierro is invited again to be part of the Jury for the Arch 101 Design (Professor David Maestres) Midterm review @ Pratt Institute School of Architecture.

Geosphere - Earth Topography
Landfill - Solid Composite
Renewal - Recycled Wood Readymades
Fluidity - Within dense aggregation

Change is occasioned by the many ways in which entities join and separate. Actuality concerns their instantaneous arrangement, and history treats of their successive positions and relationships. The different positions of human entities suggest a category of forces for which we have no other name than ‘needs.’ Discard and retention belong with other processes to this field of forces- a field where appetite and repletion, pleasure and revulsion, are the poles.”
George Kubler, The Shape of Time

“The phenomenon of play is a helpful analogue, for it exemplifies the back-and-forth movement that is assumed in work with the land: playing with and being played by it. The rules of the game may be clear, but once it begins the outcome is not, because the opponent’s moves are always only probable. The vocabulary of transcendence need not be invoked to indicate that the local concerns of a project obtain definition within a more encompassing context, simply that each site is both part and counterpart.”
David Leatherbarrow, Topographical Stories

“I am an instrument of shadows.” 
Louise Nevelson, Rain Garden 2